Our Elder’s hold the knowledge and traditional history of our people. As of 2000 our Elders along with Selkirk FN and Nacho Nyak Dun have been working on the Dooli project to ensure our language and history is passed on to future generations. Dooli is the traditional law that was practiced by our ancestors, it taught right from wrong and to respect each other and the land. For thirteen years the Dooli project has been a great success with the publication of more than 13 books (teachings of Native Language and Dooli), working with Native Language teachers in Tantalus school on lesson plans, traditional gatherings, family tree workshops and the continued effort to make our elders’ knowledge and stories into educational materials for parents, daycares and schools. This work has brought back to light many Doòli laws, traditional governance practices and stories that will help our communities and our future generations know what it means to be Northern Tutchone.