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Our Elders hold the knowledge and traditional history of our people.  In the early 2000s, our Elders began working with the Northern Tutchone Elders of Selkirk First Nation and the First Nation of Nacho Nyack Dun on the Traditional Laws/Dooli Project, to ensure that our culture, language and traditional laws practiced by our ancestors are passed on to future generations. These traditional laws and ways sustained our people for thousands of years and taught us to respect one another, the land and animals through the guiding principles of caring, sharing, respect and teaching.  It is the foundation of our Final and Self-Government Agreement and our Constitution. Although much work has been done, it is a daunting task to not only research, document, preserve, and revitalize our history, heritage, stories, traditional laws and values, and language but also to produce material that will enable us to practice these…there is much work to do.