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Governance Information


Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation Final Agreement

This Agreement is the Yukon First Nation Final Agreement for the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation.


Self-Government Agreement  

LSCFN Self Government Agreement

The Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation has traditional decision-making institutions and practices and desires to integrate those institutions and practices with a contemporary form of government. Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation is committed to promoting opportunities for the well-being of Citizens equal to those of other Canadians and to providing essential public services of reasonable quality to all Citizens.


The Constitution

The LSCFN Constitution

We the people of Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation have written into this document our traditions and values, our principles and our beliefs on how we wish to govern ourselves. This document is based on respect for the teachings of our Elders. It will rule our leaders and is to be a guide for our children who are our future. This document is the foundation for our laws and government.



Human Resource Policy

The Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation Personnel Policy Manual has been drafted in a way that can easily be amended when desirable. It incorporates labour standards and employee rights and benefits that are competitive with Federal and Territorial labour legislation.


LSCFN Legislation

LSCFN Income Tax Act



General Assembly Reports

General Assembly Report 2020-2021