Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Dän kezhi k'ānete

The department is responsible for the operations and maintenance of Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation housing, infrastructure, roads, water, and sewer.

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Jeremy L’heureux

Title: Director
Phone: ext: 231
Cell: (867) 332-1807

My name is Jeremy L’Heureux I am the Director of Capital Projects and Infrastructure with Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation. I grew up in Kamloops B.C. and have been living in Carmacks Yukon since 2006. I started employment with LSCFN in 2012 to the present date. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting advances and future of Little Salmon Carmacks First Nations community and upholding our values of sharing caring teaching and respect.

Allen Skookum

Title: Capital Project Manager
Phone: ext: 229
Cell: (867) 689-5780

Shelia Garvice

Title: Housing Manager
Phone: ext: 248
Cell: (867) 689-9805

Mervyn Johnson

Title: Utilities Manager
Phone: ext: 230
Cell: (867) 689-0716

Helen Sahagian

Title: Office Manager
Phone: ext: 238

Heather Bellmore

Title: Assets Manager
Phone: ext: 252

Russell Blackjack

Title: Safety Officer
Phone: ext: 233
Cell: (867) 332-4500

Glen Johnson

Title: Environmental Systems Technician
Phone: (867) 863-5005
Cell: (867) 689-1568

Maintenance on Call

Cell: (867) 689-0518