Chief & Council

Dän yatthi detth'l

The Council of Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation has the overall responsibility for the administration of the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation government. They are responsible for the ongoing decision-making authority and good government for the benefit of Clan Citizens. Council is made up of 8 Citizens: Two Wolf Clan Councillors, Two Crow Clan Councillors, One Elder Councillor, One Youth Councillor, the Deputy Chief and the Chief. Regular Chief and Council meetings are every Monday at 5 pm. 


Strategic Plan

LSCFN Strategic Plan 2021-2024


Nicole Tom

Title: Chief
Phone: ext: 251

Dän k’i Sothan Detsie úùzhi, k’uch’än k’i Nicole Tom úùzhi.

ἰne Eileen Rondeau úùzhi. Ité Roger Rondeau úùzhi.

Istumą Grace Fairclough úùzhi, Istía George Fairclough úùzhi. Hanjet ich’i.

Nina Dickson - IMG_E8564

Zack Cochrane

Title: Deputy Chief
Phone: ext:266
Cell: (867) 689-5455

A simple man making his way through life like my ancestors before me.

Shirley Bellmore

Title: Council (Elder)
Cell: (867) 335-2785

Dän k’i Chuzra úùzhi, k’uch’än k’i Shirley Bellmore úùzhi..

ἰne Grace Fairclough úùzhi. Ité George Fairclough úùzhi.

Istumą Suzie Skookum úùzhi, Istía George Skookum úùzhi. Hanjet ich’i.

Chantelle Blackjack

Title: Council (Crow)
Cell: (867) 385-0153

Dän k’i Kezhia ùzhi, k’uch’än k’i Chantelle úùzhi.

Kwanlin zhū nínji. Idunyéna Lara and Joshua úùzhi. Icho Bebeleda and Wasde úùzhi.

Itsua Kwada úùzhi, Istía Ts’äkch’äna úùzhi. Hanjet ich’i.

Toni Blanchard

Title: Council (Crow)
Cell: (867) 336-2266

Dan k’i Selach’n úùzhiK’uch’an k’i Toni Blanchard úùzhi

Ine Isobel Bresse úùzhi

Ìtsun Eva Billy úùzhi

Ìtsí George Billy úùzhi

Ite late Harold Blanchard úùzhi

Ìtsun Mary Blanchard úùzhi

Ìtsí Harry Blanchard úùzhi

Hanjat ich’i

Carmacks zhū nínji.

Nina Dickson - IMG_8570

Tanya Silverfox

Title: Council (Wolf)
Cell: 867-385-0156

Dän k’i Tatsa Chowa úùzhii, k’uch’än k’I Tanya Silverfox úùzhi.

ἰne Debbie Silverfox úùzhi. Ité Bryan DuPont úùzhi.

Istumą Sally Silverfox úùzhi, Istía Peter Silverfox Sr. úùzhi. Egune ich’i.

Nina Dickson - IMG_E8566

Calvin Charlie

Title: Council (Wolf)
Cell: 867-385-0154

Dän k’I umzi úùzhi, k’uch’än k’i Calvin Charlie úùzhi.

ἰne Gail Tulk úùzhi. Ité Stephen Charlie úùzhi.

Istumą Dawn Charlie úùzhi, Istía Wilfred Charlie úùzhi.

Egune ich’i.

Trent Blackjack

Title: Council (Youth)