Lifelong Learning

Uts ęnji nay hats’edän

Within the LSCFN vision and mission comes the pursuit of a healthy community in part by lifelong learning. We know that several aspects of our health are linked to our connection to our language and culture. To ensure that at every stage of life we are finding opportunities to learn our traditional ways and our language. We start by caring for our children at Dune’na Zra Sunch’i Ku, looking after our Youth, offering many types of educational opportunities to our citizens. We are also here to help you with any Justice issues that come up and by renewing our traditional values of respect, sharing, caring and teaching we bring honour to our path forward. 


Karmen Cozens

Title: Director
Phone: ext: 319
Cell: (867) 689-4603

Karmen Cozens as the LSC Director of LifeLong Learning.

Karmen’s career consists of helping people reach new places, whether it’s an educational pursuit, language exchange programs, achieving goals financially, or proactively handling issues that arise. She brings a strong background in Education, she worked over a decade in Adult Learning at Camosun College in Victoria, BC and has been in classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Karmen herself is a lifelong learner, with lots of course work, an Associate Degree in Arts and a Bachelor's Degree in Justice Studies. As a Civil Mediator since 2004, she has experience achieving collaborative resolutions, valuing diversity and having respectful workplaces. Karmen is open-minded style, and hardworking. We value working with her towards the development of all our future learning, language and culture.

Jo-lene Mullett

Title: Assistant Director of Life Long Learning
Phone: ext: 317

Sandra Combs

Title: Traditional/Dooli Coordinator
Phone: ext: 252

Lorraine O'Brien

Title: Daycare Coordinator
Phone: ext: 309

Donna Smith

Title: Justice Coordinator
Phone: ext: 315

Elizabeth Hawkins-Skookum

Title: Cultural Education Coordinator
Cell: (867) 689-0514

Shari Wrixon

Title: Education & Training Officer
Phone: ext: 247

Agnes Charlie

Title: Native Language Instructor
Phone: ext: 316

Alma Wrixon

Title: Native Language Instructor
Phone: ext: 316

Tara Wheeler

Title: Daycare Manager
Phone: Ext: 309

Multiple Staff

Title: Daycare
Phone: ext: 311