Since time immemorial we the people of Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation have made our lives together on these lands. For all those years we, as a people have maintained our traditions from one generation to another. These traditions explain who we are as a people. These traditions are protected in our language, our culture and our heritage. It is one of our traditions that the Creator God has given us the responsibility to serve for all time as the caretakers of our land, water, air and resources, both above and below the surface. It is one of our traditions that we respect our ancestors and Elders. We respect them, because they have always maintained our values and way of life and our language. We, as a people accept that we have a responsibility to maintain these traditions for our future generations.

The people of Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation wish to remain together so that we may collectively preserve, protect and promote our culture, language, heritage, lands and resources for all of our Citizens today and for at least seven generations to come. We are Aboriginal people with the inherent right of self-government and as one of the Aboriginal peoples living within Canada, we have Aboriginal and Treaty rights and title in our traditional territory.