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T09:00:00 T21:00:00 Wellness Week 2022-05-02T09:00:00 2022-05-06T21:00:00 2022-05-06 T08:30:00 T17:00:00 Air Brakes Course 2022-05-02T08:30:00 2022-05-06T17:00:00 2022-05-06 T08:30:00 T16:00:00 Gardening Course 2022-05-02T08:30:00 2022-05-08T16:00:00 2022-05-08 Drum Bag Making Workshop 2022-05-13 2022-05-15 2022-05-15 1st Annual Iron Man Hand games Tournament 2022-05-20 2022-05-23 2022-05-23 T09:00:00 T17:00:00 May Gathering 2022-05-16T09:00:00 2022-05-19T17:00:00 2022-05-19 T09:00:00 T16:00:00 Family Camp at Airport Lake 2022-06-24T09:00:00 2022-06-27T16:00:00 2022-06-27 T09:00:00 T16:00:00 Aunties Retreat 2022-07-11T09:00:00 2022-07-15T16:00:00 2022-07-15 T08:30:00 T18:00:00 25th Anniversary Celebration 2022-07-21T08:30:00 2022-07-21T18:00:00 2022-07-21 T09:00:00 T17:00:00 Geology Youth Camp 2022-07-25T09:00:00 2022-05-13T17:00:00 2022-05-13 T09:00:00 T17:00:00 Salmon Gathering 2022-07-20T09:00:00 2022-07-23T17:00:00 2022-07-23 T12:00:00 T15:00:00 Tantalus School Grad 2022-05-28T12:00:00 2022-05-28T15:00:00 2022-05-28