Chinook Salmon Distribution

Chinook Salmon

August 23, 2021

Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation Chinook Salmon Distribution

Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation has Wild Chinkook Salmon for citizens. 

Thursday August 26th the Lands and Resources team will be at the Yukon Inn parking lot distributing salmon. 

Cathy and Liz will be distributing salmon at the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation Parking lot later that day.

You must be 16 years and up to recieve the salmon. Please ensure to bring your status card or citizenship card.

Families that are larger will tentatively get more than one.


In order to keep the salmon fresh (as it is on ice) there will be no holding or sending of salmon. This is in person pick up.


Mussi Cho


Chinook Salmon Poster (245 KB)