LSCFN COVID19 Response


July 8, 2021

Attention all community members,

Please find the latest recommendations to follow from the CMOH: 

  • Limit social visits to communities;
  • Travel responsibly and check advisories;
  • Stick to 6 for social gatherings - the focus here is that we all need to be limiting our social contact;
  • BBQs, dinners, birthday parties or sitting around a campfire are all considered social gatherings;
  •  Postpone any organized events: an organized gathering is something with assigned/spaced seating where people aren't up and mingling around;
  • Organized gathering should be limited to:
    • 10 inside or 20 outside with physical distancing;
  • If you go to a restaurant or bar, no mingling and should be spaced 6ft/2m apart;
  • Don't go out and about if you feel sick;
  • Daycares are essential/critical;
  • Summer camps are okay - but don't send your kids with even mild symptoms; and,
  • Limit your participation in sports activities where you can't maintain physical distancing.

Key Messages for our Communities:

  • Vaccination prevents the severe form of the disease and hospitalization, but it is still possible to catch COVID so keep practicing the Safe 6+mask; 
  • Get tested if you have even mild symptoms (even if you are vaccinated);
  • We are seeing in rural Yukon communities that even a small number of cases will overwhelm a FN government's support system and interagency supports;
  • The Yukon's health care system is currently not able to keep up with the surge in cases/demand and rhet are securing federal resources (EMS, nursing, YCDC, physicians, nurses, and mental wellness supports);
  •  Everyone needs to limit their social contacts; and, 
  • Be kind and check-in on each other.