MMIWG Monument Unveiling

Logan B

September 20, 2021

MMIWG Monument Unveilling in Whitehorse

On Thursday September 16th a monument for MMIWG was unveiled in Rotary Park.  One of our citizens Logan Blanchard did a speech at this unveiling, he has kindly shared this speech with LSCFN for us to share with all of you. 

Good afternoon honored family members, survivors and guests.                                                 

My name is Logan Blanchard, my Native name is tawa, I am a member of Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation and of the crow clan, my mother is Bella Bresse and my dad is the late Harold Blanchard, my grandma and grandpa from Carmacks are Eva and George Billy and from Pelly Crossing Mary and Harry Blanchard.  

 I am honored to be here with all of you to unveil this special monument for ALL Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and families to show that these women and girls are not forgotten that they will always and be in our hearts.  

My family has been part of this since the beginning when my sister was taken from our family in 2008, We had our ups and downs but somehow everything always got into place, and with strength and Honour together we shall overcome this in time. 

These types of crime are atrocious and needs everyone’s attention to make it not happen again EVER!!!. I would encourage a world view and open heart to everyone in the world as equal people.  We are aware of this injustice and are trying to bring awareness, change and support for Indigenous women, girls, their families and communities.  

 I would like to thank the Yukon Aboriginal women's council, Native women's association, Yukon women's association and Family association liaison unit for the hard work and for organizing the families to get this far, and for working with all of us. I would especially like to thank those who have always voiced “Survivors and Families first and foremost”. We are the change. We have the power to be loud to make sure that we are heard, always. 

 The heartbreaking stories that changed our lives and shaped who we are today is part of healing that is hard enough but having this monument, it represents our stolen sisters and is the next step on healing ourselves for our future children and surviving families to keep our culture alive and building a stronger future by learning from our past 

I am so proud of the families that pushed through and came together when it wasn't easy for them, this is not easy for me but I know I have not only my family behind me but all the other families too. 

I want to be a strong voice for them and for those who may be afraid to speak up and to lift their spirits to tell them that they are not alone and they have support to tell their stories and for the survivors and family members to keep raising awareness, educate, and promote change for our future Daughters, Sisters, Mother's, Auntie’s and Grandmothers."

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