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Youth Activities

Youth Sports and Cultural Activities

Aboriginal Youth First (AYF) Sports & Rec offers sport and recreational activities to Indigenous youth ages 11 to 24.

We focus on creating and maintaining an inclusive, safe, and healthy space that supports you to be physically active, make positive life choices, and develop your leadership skills. Our activities are free and for all skill levels, and we encourage you to come and participate whether you're a new to being physically active or an experienced athlete. Indigenous youth drive AYF Sports & Rec programming, and we encourage you to talk to staff about the sports and activities you're interested in.

All required equipment is provided, including clothing if you don’t have access to the clothing you need to participate in an activity. We always provide healthy snacks, and bus tickets so you can travel safely home from activities.

A dedicated crew of athletes, coaches, mentors, and fitness professionals partner with us to share their time, energy, expertise, and enthusiasm with you through the program. They lead classes, share fitness and nutrition advice, teach workshops, and host activities – in UNYA’s dojo, outside, and in other facilities in the community.

Staff will also support you with recommendations and referrals to additional programs and resources throughout the community.